4th mysterious object shot down in American airspace
February 16, 2023

The US shot down the fourth mysterious object near Lake Huron on Sunday.

  • 4 February: A suspected surveillance balloon is shot down by the US military off the coast of South Carolina. According to officials, it came from China and had been observing vital sites as it hovered over the US for days.
  • 10 February: The US shoots down another unidentified object off the coast of northern Alaska which had no propulsion or control systems.
  • 11 February: An American fighter jet shoots down a second balloon, which was said to be smaller and cylindrical, above Canada’s Yukon territory, about 100 miles from the US border.
  • 12 February: US jets fire down a fourth high-altitude object near Lake Huron.

While US officials confirmed that the object shot down on February 4th was China’s surveillance balloon, no such confirmation has been given for the three other objects shot down last week. According to General Glen VanHerck, commander of the US Northern Command, no new information has yet been founded on the origin or physical characteristics of these objects

‘‘I am not going to characterize them as balloons” said VanKerck. “We are calling them objects for a reason.”

mysterious object

A U.S. Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. James Merriman)

National Security Council spokesman, Gordan Johndroe, and Deputy Pentagon secretary of the press, Sabrina Singh also believe that these objects do not resemble the PRC’s balloon, but he believes things will become clear once the debris has been recovered.

While some believe that the Biden administration is randomly shooting at the skies in paranoia, officials at the white house believe in the need for an ‘abundance of caution’ since the 4th of February incident. As Melissa Dalton, the assistant secretary of defense tells reporters,

“We are closely scrutinizing our airspace at high altitudes…which partly explains the increase in objects that we detected over the past week.”

Moreover, NORAD has recently installed and readjusted its aero-filters which have made the command more capable to locate such objects at such high altitudes. This allows the US military to detect any alien object or threat from its enemies.

The Sunday shootdown of the mysterious object is the latest among the four heroics of the US air force when US fighter jets shot down the object when it was flying at about 20,000 feet over Michigan, near Lake Huron. This object, like the previous two objects, was not seen as a military threat but a danger to civilian aircraft, that’s why the Federal Aviation Authority closed some airspace over the state of Wisconsin, while the operation was being conducted.

So far, the month of love has been marked with an exchange of “spy” balloons between China and the US where the former also claims that it has spotted US balloons more than 10 times over its territory.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Wang Webin said “It’s not uncommon as well for the US to illegally enter the airspace of other countries.”

However, Pentagon officials did not comment on the allegations posed by the Chinese government.

The recent events have although gaslighted the fragile China-US relations, have also depicted that the US military is always ready to face and neutralize any external threat with its advanced technology, unmatchable defense radar system, and modern weaponry.

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