Airman who leaked documents caught mishandling classified docs months prior
May 22, 2023

Airman Jack Teixeira, who is presently accused of leaking classified government secrets, was discovered conducting extensive searches and making written notes on classified material months before his apprehension. Nonetheless, Air Force authorities did not dismiss him from his position, as disclosed in a recent Justice Department document.

In September and October 2022, Teixeira’s superiors in the Massachusetts Air National Guard reprimanded him after receiving reports of concerning actions involving classified information. One incident involved him stuffing a note into his pocket after reviewing secret information within his unit. Despite these warning signs, he was allowed to continue his duties, with instructions to refrain from taking notes or conducting deep dives into classified intelligence information.

The revelation raises concern about missed opportunities to prevent one of the most significant intelligence leaks in recent history. It appears evident in retrospect that something was amiss. In late January, a master sergeant observed Teixeira inappropriately accessing reports on the Pentagon’s secure intranet system.

Teixeira had previously been instructed to focus on his own career duties and not seek out intelligence products. Nevertheless, he retained his job and even maintained his top-secret security clearance. He was even given certificates for completing training intended to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

As a result of these findings, two of Teixeira’s superiors at the 102nd Intelligence Wing on Cape Cod have been suspended pending an internal investigation by the Air Force inspector general. Their access to classified information has been temporarily revoked.

Discord posts made by Teixeira, where he shared classified intelligence with online friends, were also introduced as evidence. His legal team, seeking his release on $20,000 bail, argued that he posed no risk of disclosing new intelligence. However, prosecutors contended that Teixeira had breached his oath and published sensitive, top-secret documents for personal pleasure. They argued for his detention, citing his history of broken promises and a potential danger to the community due to violent remarks and racial threats he had made in the past.

The Airman’s fixation on weapons, mass shootings, and conspiracy theories was revealed through a Times investigation. Despite enjoying the respectability and access to intelligence provided by his military service and top-secret clearance, he expressed contempt for the government and propagated unfounded theories, including claims that the government orchestrated mass shootings to promote gun control.

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