Airsoft YouTube celebrity gives away 1 million BBs
April 1, 2023

One of the more popular Airsoft channels in the world just hit one million subscribers. As a result, Christopher Wratten, know as SwampSniper, brought a large group of his subscribers to compete in a series of events to potentially win one million Airsoft BBs. Watch the historic affair unfold in the video bellow:

This occurred at the renowned Ballahack Airsoft field, in Chesapeake, Virginia. This facility is best known for hosting one the world’s largest, and most popular Airsoft events: The Revelations event series (REV). Their past events have averaged well over 1000 players.

“The Revelations event series is a free flowing, post-apocalyptic role-playing game where players have the power to choose how they will survive the wastelands. This is not your normal event. You will experience challenging situations and must have the maturity and a good attitude to handle them.” – Event description for REV: FERTILE CRESCENT 8

Mike Stedman, Media Manager for Ballahack field said, “I believe it’s an amazing thing Christopher did in his new video giving away 1 million BBs and giving back to the community. It’s so awesome to see how much SwampSniper and the field has grown.”

In an act of pure benevolence, the winner reportedly split the huge prize with the other finalist in the video.

Recently, the sport has grown in popularity amongst many Veterans. The competition, sense of community, and tactical nature has appealed to many looking for a similar experience to their time in service. Read more about this movement below:

Veterans Wanted: Massive Airsoft Event Planned

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