Army Chaplain investigated after sending pro-life victory email to entire Brigade
July 15, 2022

An Army Chaplain with the 157th Infantry Brigade found himself under scrutiny after sending a pro-life victory email to his entire Brigade celebrating the reversal of Roe v Wade.

According to Steven Harmon, command spokesperson, Maj. Brian T. Hargis, who formerly served with Special Forces, is assigned to First Army at Camp Atterbury, Indiana where he works as a Chaplain observer coach/trainer.

Harmon also communicated that the investigation by the commander is focusing closely on the “propriety and legality of that all-users message and the dissemination of such.” The concern in this case being whether or not Hargis violated the constitutional rights of some Soldiers by sending his email indiscriminately.

The spokesperson also said that Hagris’ email “is not indicative of any Army policy or position,” and that “First Army is prepared to implement any [Department of Defense]-directed policies that will improve the well-being and health of our soldiers.”

The pro-life victory email that Hargis sent out asked the brigade to “pray for the safety of our Supreme Justices (and families) whose lives are in danger from Satanic-influenced evildoers,” and to “REJOICE AND CELEBRATE” the Supreme Court decision.

It read in part, “This is a monumental victory of the highest spiritual context, as it upholds the sanctity of life of the unborn, honors the US Constitution, makes right the wrong of 1973, and ends the murder of millions of people.”


The Chaplain’s email also advised Soldiers who are struggling to “reach out to [their] spiritual, moral, ethical, and religious advisor – the Chaplain,” seemingly confident that his Brigade didn’t have any Soldiers struggling because of this decision, who might be further upset by the email.

According to Task & Purpose, senior leadership from the Brigade responded to the Chaplain’s pro-life victory email by advising Soldiers within the unit that “there are appropriate times and places to express opinions…at work, in uniform, or using government equipment/systems is not the correct method.”

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