Army claims enlistment is up, doesn’t provide proof
June 5, 2023

The US Army claimed that its enlistment numbers are on the rise, signalling a potential improvement in its efforts to address a severe recruiting crisis. However, the Army has chosen not to disclose specific data to support this claim, according to a report by

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth recently testified before Congress, stating that the branch has made progress compared to the previous year. While she expressed optimism about the current recruitment situation, the Army has refused to fulfill a request made by for quarterly recruiting data, leaving the public and analysts without concrete information to assess the extent of the improvement.

Requests for the quarterly recruiting data were made to the Army in early April, and despite weeks of follow-up, the branch has provided no justification for its refusal to share the requested information. The lack of transparency fuels concerns and speculation about the true state of the Army’s recruitment efforts.

Army has been struggling to meet its enlistment goals in recent years. In the fiscal year 2022, the Army fell short of its target of 60,000 recruits by 15,000, marking the worst recruiting crisis since the implementation of the all-volunteer model after the Vietnam War.

The Army’s recruitment challenges have been a matter of significant concern, especially given the branch’s status as the largest component of the U.S. Armed Forces. The inability to fill its ranks adequately affects the Army’s readiness and its capacity to fulfill its crucial role in national defense, including its obligations as a key NATO partner amid the current geopolitical landscape.

Madison Bonzo, an Army spokesperson, shared with that there has been an increase in recruiting across the force in each quarter. Bonzo expressed confidence in finishing the third quarter strong and continuing the momentum into the fourth quarter. However, without specific data to support these assertions, the magnitude and sustainability of the reported improvement remain uncertain.

In recent years, the Army has implemented various initiatives to improve recruitment, including targeted marketing campaigns, enhanced incentives, and increased engagement with potential recruits. These efforts demonstrate the Army’s commitment to addressing the crisis and finding innovative solutions to attract qualified personnel.

One such initiative is the expansion of a pre-basic training course, designed to address low physical fitness or aptitude test scores among applicants. According to the Army, this program has proven successful, potentially resulting in an influx of up to 12,000 additional troops into the ranks.

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