AXIL makes lo-pro ear-pro for cool guys and casuals
November 21, 2022

We’ve all heard it at the range: “EYES AND EARS!” We’ve also all tried to find the coolest looking way to carry our ear protection between firing iterations. Perched up on your patch cap, wrapped around your bicep, hanging off your gear belt…

How about draped gently around your neck like a pair of earbuds between sets at the gym?


AXIL ear protection makes ear protection that’s comfortable, lightweight, sleek, and most importantly, highly functional.

“AXIL operates with a clear vision that innovation is the heart of its business. With the fast-paced level of product and technology expansion, AXIL has led the way in providing the very best product designs and advancements to the sporting goods industry.”

Super comfortable fitting, stereo quality sound performance, and reliable and durable engineering enables  AXIL to continue to push the standard of performance in the shooter community.


One thing that really stands out about AXIL is their technology-based approach to ear protection design. They’ve combined “the best of hearing and audio technologies into technology platforms allowing hybrid technology to deliver all the needs you have for your ears in single product devices.”

I’ve collected some cool “shooter ears” over the years, but AXIL leads the pack – find out why while they’re Black Friday sale is still going on!

I wonder if the shooter wore AXILs:

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