Bouncer on trial after near fatal incident with US Marine
September 1, 2022

Australian security guard, Hayden Summers, is currently on trial for knocking out an “aggressive” US Marine. Although the incident occurred on April 11, 2021, the trial has only now begun. However, the facts of this story severely complicate matters.

NT News reports the Darwin Supreme Court was recently played a CCTV video that shows an intoxicated US Marine, Glen Thomason, initiating a confrontation with night club bouncers outside of the Monsoons nightclub in Darwin, NT.

Witnesses claim Thomason had been kicked out after a small scuffle with security that involved a separate bouncer putting Thomason in a “headlock” to take him outside. Subsequent claims indicate Summers was trying to de-escalate the situation after Thomason was heard shouting, “I could kill you, I’m a trained killer.”

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In the footage, Thomason can be seen quickly swinging his hand in front of Summers’ face, but he did not make contact. Moments later, Summers then open hand slapped Thomason, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head.

A near fatal mistake

Medical experts have claimed the impact would have killed Thomason, if not for immediate surgery and aftercare. Furthermore, the damage was so severe, Thomason needed part of his skull removed.

“If it were not for the medical intervention of the doctors, he would have died.”- Crown prosecutor Ian Rowbottom

Self defense or unnecessary harm?

Summers has pleaded not guilty to the accusations of “causing serious harm.” He claims he was acting in self defense, but the prosecution claims his actions were excessive.

The trial is still ongoing, but Thomason is expected to testify later this week.

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