Can we use AI to sue spam callers?
March 15, 2023

Can ChatGPT sue spam callers for you? A robot lawyer website claims it can.

Everyone remembers the boot private who bought a $90,000 car, only to be hounded by collection agencies once they couldn’t make payments. Since the advent of smartphones, spammers & scammers have adopted similar phone tactics to the ones that used to chip away at your moron buddy.

These days, unrecognized numbers are agencies that want you refinance, join a timeshare, activate rewards, or they’ll just text you incessantly about sales and deals you have no interest in. Technically, the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects consumers from unwanted calls, and you can sue spam callers that engage in these practices for up to $1,500.

Enter DoNotPay: a legal agency that uses robot lawyers and claims it will be able to file $1,500 lawsuits against spammers using ChatGPT’s latest AI upgrade. Sound too good to be true? That’s because it likely is. Most TCPA lawsuits don’t go after chump change, but range in the millions against large US corporations.

In 2013, Papa John’s Pizza got hit with $16.5 million settlement due to texting specials to consumers without consent. While ChatGPT recently passed the bar exam, it’s also important to remember it’s still an incessant source of misinformation which might not translate well to lawsuits.

For instance, I recently asked ChatGPT how basketball legend, Michael Jordan, got the nickname “Air Jordan” and it gave me some bogus answer about signing autographs in the air when he wasn’t paying attention.

The legal issues only compound once I spoke with two lawyers about using AI to file suits. One lawyer stated that hitting a giant corporation with a $1,500 lawsuit will cause them to drag out the case and bleed you dry. Both lawyers agreed that “it’s likely other attorneys will shut the lawsuit down for unlicensed practice of law,” because “a robot is not licensed to practice law.”

So while ChatGPT may work for fixing website code, don’t expect it to solve your spam calls anytime soon.

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