The Medal of Honor awarded to 3 Soldiers for gallantry in combat
December 16, 2021

Today the president awarded 3 Soldiers the Congressional Medal of Honor. Watch the full ceremony below:

The White House states, “The Medal of Honor is awarded to members of the Armed Forces who distinguish themselves conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of their own lives above and beyond the call of duty…”

Medal of Honor

Photo courtesy of the DOD

During the ceremony, the president bestowed the nation’s highest military honor upon Master Sergeant Earl D. Plumlee. While in Afghanistan, MSG Plumlee “instantly responded to a complex enemy attack.” He valiantly fought to repel the enemy, and organize defenses in a chaotic scene initiated by a massive IED detonation.

Sergeant First Class Alwyn C. Cashe and Sergeant First Class Christopher A. Celiz received the Medal of Honor posthumously. Both Soldiers succumbed to wounds received as a direct result of their heroic actions.

SFC Cashe braved scorching flames, toxic fumes and debilitating injuries to rescue soldiers trapped in a burning vehicle in Iraq. He disregarded immense pain and engulfing flames. Ultimately sacrificing his own life, so others may live.

SFC Celiz was assisting in an evacuation of injured personnel in Afghanistan, when the evacuation helicopter came under attack. The Ranger placed himself in the line of fire as a physical shield for the aircraft. SFC Celiz stood steadfast, returning fire against the enemy. Thus, allowing the craft to depart safely, but causing SFC Celiz to be mortally wounded.

Read a full account of the valorous acts of these 3 Soldiers by clicking here.

Earlier today, the president signed a bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to those killed during evacuation of Kabul.

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