Cop memes Buffalo mayor candidate, she wants him fired
November 2, 2021

India Walton is the Democratic Party nominee for the Mayor of Buffalo. She is also a democratic socialist, and in an internet feud with Police Officer Richard Hy. You may have seen Hy in one of his many videos that have gained millions of views across social media under the username Angry Cops.

Despite being in the hot seat for several scandals, Walton has been very vocal in her criticism of many issues. However, her opponents point to the lack of accountability and transparency on her end. Furthermore, incumbent write-in candidate, Byron Brown, has criticized Walton for claiming Buffalo police are not keeping people safe.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Walton slams Hy during an interview on August 5th, 2021. This resulted in a feud between Walton and Hy, where Walton has publicly stated her first order of business will be to fire Hy, who has served as both a police officer, and a combat Veteran overseas.

To add to the situation, Walton recently had her car impounded. Around $600 in unpaid parking tickets and an expired inspection sticker were the official reason given. Walton claims she could not afford the tickets, and was “too busy running for mayor” to have her car inspected.

Why she parked illegally so often was not specifically resolved, but she attempted to reassure voters her plans to manage the city would not be a reflection of her car ownership.

Watch her press brief below:

Walton has not commented if her apparent vendetta against Hy stemmed from her dislike of parking tickets.

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