Defense innovators Aspetto and Recon K-9 plan strategic partnership
July 28, 2021

Defense manufacturer Aspetto, Inc. recently confirmed that they will manufacture canine kits for Recon K-9. Recon is a kit development company founded in 2019 and headed by Jason Watson.

“There are far too many ‘me too’ companies in this industry that keep spitting out the same products in different colors. Together with Aspetto we hope to change the landscape of highly engineered K9 equipment for military, defense, and law enforcement agencies.” Watson said in the announcement.

Dog being lifted with a Recon K-9 harness. (Courtesy photo provided by Recon K-9)

Watson has extensive experience as a kit developer. He began to work with dogs back in 2006, when he founded Dublin Dog Co. Remington eventually purchased that company in 2013.

Watson’s unique skill set ensures that Recon K-9 will always forge its own path by crafting ground-breaking kit designs.

Rapid innovation through Aspetto

Aspetto CEO Abbas Haider commented on the partnership as well. Haider said, “Having the ability to rapidly design and develop truly innovative solutions for these working dogs and their handlers gives Recon a first mover advantage. We’re excited to expand our capabilities into this dynamic canine environment, it’s going to be fun”

The first design to be produced by the pair is a modular dog vest called the “DT (Dermal Tac) Alpha K9.”

The vest has removable magnetic ballistic coverlets that line the spine of the dog wearing it. The announcement describes the vest as “A tactical ‘second skin’ for the working dog with streamlined contours, hydrophobic materials, and laser cut relief patterns through the kit.”

The DT Alpha K9 eliminates the need for purchasing and storing multiple vests, allowing law enforcement agencies to save money in the long run.

Due to the ease of adjusting the armor on the new vest model, law enforcement and military personnel alike will be able to utilize their canines more efficiently. The vest went up for pre-orders in early July and is set to ship out in August.

The majority of Recon’s gear is currently developed for military applications. The additional manufacturing capacity provided by Aspetto should make the kits easier for smaller law enforcement agencies to acquire.

By combining two industry heavy hitters, the partnership guarantees that each will grow and refine their products in the best way possible.

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