DeSantis urges military to reconsider recent changes
June 1, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently shared his reflections on his Navy career, highlighting the significant changes he perceives within the U.S. military. Expressing concern over the evolving landscape of the armed forces, DeSantis cautioned that the military has become “different” from the time he served.

His remarks shed light on the challenges he believes the military currently faces and the need to address them.

Having served in the United States Navy from 2004 to 2010, with deployments to Guantanamo and Iraq, Governor DeSantis draws on his firsthand experiences to compare the military of his time with its present state. In a recent interview, he expressed his observations, emphasizing that the military has undergone notable transformations since his own service.

Governor DeSantis pointed to the increasing emphasis on political ideologies and policies within the military as a cause for concern. He specifically mentioned issues such as gender pronouns and the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, suggesting that these may have contributed to a decline in recruitment and the departure of experienced servicemembers. DeSantis cautioned that this shift has led to a decrease in morale within the ranks.

Highlighting the importance of combat readiness and operational effectiveness, DeSantis urged for a renewed focus on these core aspects of the military’s mission. He emphasized the need for a balance between promoting diversity and inclusion while ensuring that these principles do not overshadow the primary objectives of the armed forces.

Governor DeSantis also expressed his admiration for the men and women in uniform, acknowledging their dedication and sacrifices made in service to the nation. He reiterated his commitment to supporting the military and providing the necessary resources to fulfill their duties effectively.

DeSantis’s reflections on the changing nature of the military have sparked a broader conversation about the role of political ideologies within the armed forces and their potential impact on recruitment, morale, and operational effectiveness.
Supporters argue that diversity and inclusion initiatives are essential for a modern military, fostering unity and maximizing talent. Critics, however, share DeSantis’s concerns and believe that maintaining a strong focus on combat readiness should be paramount.

It remains to be seen how DeSantis’s observations will influence policy discussions and potential reforms within the military. However, his reflections underscore the importance of addressing these concerns and ensuring that the armed forces remain fully prepared to protect national security interests while upholding the core values that have defined their service for generations.

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