DUNE Revisited Review
November 16, 2021

DUNE (Photo Credit: Warner Bros.)

I can honestly say that DUNE: Part One is a cinematic masterpiece. Denis Villeneuve absolutely knocked this film out of the park. (Read our spoiler free review here)

It’s not that there aren’t any good movies being made; it’s that there aren’t any unique/newer/immersive blockbuster movies anymore. It is as if there is a blueprint for all blockbuster films, and we, as the audience, have been fed this blueprint for so long we watch everything with happiness and give them our money.

Someone recently asked me if I was excited to see the new Marvel movie, and to my surprise, I didn’t react how I thought I was going to react. “Eh,” was my response. That was a shock as soon as it left my mouth; why? You ask. Well, I love film; I have a deep-rooted love for the cinema and the experience it gives. Usually, I would genuinely be excited about the next Marvel film, but recently it’s almost as if I’ve been awoken from a slumber.


DUNE. Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Fear is the mind-killer

In the last few weeks, I’ve watched DUNE: Part One seven times; whether it’s on in the background while I’m cleaning the house or playing with my son, I’ve had this draw to rewatch the film.

There is a magnetic draw to the film, and each moment is captured beautifully. It has a fascinating aspect; the entire movie is a damn love letter to the literature. This must be one of the better (competing with LOTR) film adaptations of a book in a very long time.

The director creates a digestible version of DUNE for the big screen for all to enjoy. Each scene that unfolds on screen is literally ripped from the pages as I imagined since reading this book in middle school. To get back to my main point of being ‘awoken,’ it’s as if we, as in the movie-going population, haven’t had a piece of lore on cinema that has been so immersive and beautiful in so long that my standard for box-office films was, at best, flatlined.

DUNE: Part One brought me out of my slumber and showed me something I’ve only seen in my imagination. I applaud Denis Villeneuve, the DUNE cast, production team, Hans Zimmer & his epic sounds, and the entirety of everyone who worked on this film to see its fruition. It is genuinely one of the best films I have ever seen.

With that, I advise you all to read the novel and then watch DUNE: Part one. Trust me.

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