Faster reloads? Meet the next-gen magazine holder
January 31, 2022

A magazine is designed to dispense ammunition in a rapid and reliable manner. However, what if their was a magazine for your magazines?

The XMOD System can be worn on your person, but it can also be mounted in a vehicle or building. The practical use is only limited to your ability to think outside the box. Watch this video for a side by side comparison.

The creators state, “The XMOD System is the next step in the evolution of the magazine pouch. It was created to address said deficiencies and be a combat multiplier during engagements, giving the tactical operator superior speed in their rifle magazine exchange.”

Magazines have had many updates over the years, but the way they are retained and dispensed have not. Until now. When the ArmaLite platform was first introduced, it was met with some skepticism in contrast with the classic wood stock rifles of the era. Nevertheless, the platform evolved to the M16, and M4 service rifles that have proven their superiority time and time again.

There is no denying the concept is cool, and we cannot wait to get our hands on one. If you are the type of high speed bubba that wants the latest and greatest in tactical gear, you can order yours by clicking here.

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