FL cops roast burglars for asking 911 to help move stolen items
January 3, 2023

Polk County Sheriff’s Office did not hold back while mocking two burglary suspects they recently apprehended. Apparently, the burglars asked for help moving items they had recently stolen. Check out the most Florida thing you’ll see today:

According to the Sheriff’s Facebook post:

A Dollar General store in Poinciana was burgled at around one o’clock in the morning, and multiple items were stolen from within.
Whilst reviewing security video, a deputy recognized the suspect as Martin.
A search for Martin was unsuccessful.
Later that day, deputies responded to a residence after a 911 call was received, but nobody spoke.
When the deputies arrived at the house, they realized that nobody resided there, but they found an unsecured door. Deputies went inside to make sure everything was alright, and they found Martin and his girlfriend, Liz, neither of whom have ties to the house.
Martin was arrested for the Dollar General burglary and theft, and was also charged with burglary of a residence.
Liz was also arrested and charged with burglary to the residence.
And then came Liz’s surprising admission…
She said she called 911 for the purpose of having law enforcement assist her and Martin with moving their belongings from the house (the one they were burglarizing), and they were trying to get a ride to the airport, because they wanted to go to New York for the weekend.
Deputies DID help them with their belongings, and DID give them a ride, but it wasn’t to the airport…it was to the Polk Pokey. And they are welcome to stay there all weekend long. The Polk Pokey is much better than New York anyway.
Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, is well known for his flair for the dramatic while keeping his county safe. A few weeks ago, Sheriff Judd released a bobble-head line, that sold out in a mere few hours. All the proceeds from sales will go towards the sheriff’s non-profit organization, Polk Sheriff’s Charities, Inc.

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