Florida Man steals truck, drives to Space Force base, warns of aliens
July 26, 2022

A Florida man from Ocala man was arrested on Friday after allegedly driving a stolen truck to the Patrick Space Force Base in order to warn the government about aliens, per the orders of the POTUS. (Photo courtesy of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office)

A Florida man was charged and booked for allegedly stealing a pickup truck and driving to Patrick Space Force base to provide warning to the installation about a conflict between extraterrestrials and dragons.

According to the arrest documentation, Corey Johnson, 29, was detained outside of Patrick Space Force Base on Friday by local police and ultimately arrested for attempting to “get on base.”

At the time of his arrest, Johnson asserted to officers that he was operating on the highest orders. According to the Florida man, “he was told by the president” to warn “the government there was US aliens fighting with Chinese dragons.”

Johnson also claimed that the president instructed him to steal the truck he drove to Patrick, an F-150 he stole days prior. According to police, Johnson did not know who the owner of the truck was and was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle.

This is the Space Force’s second incident in recent months following a fatal shooting outside of the New Boston Space Force Station in mid May.

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