Geraldo Rivera denounced by co-hosts for “defending Ghislaine Maxwell”
November 30, 2021

You may remember Geraldo Rivera from when he was kicked out of Iraq for broadcasting details about troop movements. Now he is in hot water again over his comments about the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

During a TV segment, Geraldo Rivera was taken to task by several co-hosting analysts after several comments about the former lover of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Rivera stated that Maxwell was no threat to anyone and was not a flight risk. Furthermore, Rivera claimed to be “outraged” and that the prosecution has “no case” against Maxwell.

Several of his co-hosts disagreed, Dagen McDowell accusing him of “defending a sex trafficker” and not understanding federal bail law.

Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, is being tried on several trafficking-related charges. Among them: enticing minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts and sex trafficking a minor. Maxwell has pled not guilty. Maxwell’s defense attorney, Bobbi Sternheim, said Maxwell is merely a “scapegoat for a man who behaved badly.”

However, the prosecution has a long list of witnesses they believe will solidify their case.

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