“Good Samaritan” stops mall shooter with personal weapon
July 18, 2022

The Greenwood Park Mall turned into a horrific scene when an unidentified 20-year-old gunman entered the mall with a rifle, and several magazines of ammunition. He then opened fire in the food court, killing three and injuring two, before a bystander returned fire on the assailant, ending the shooting spree.

“The real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began,” said Greenwood Police Department Chief Jim Ison.

The Police Chief also stated, “This has shaken us to our core. This isn’t something that we have seen here in Greenwood before. It is absolutely horrendous and our thoughts and prayers are with those loved ones hurting tonight.”

Greenwood Park Mall released a statement saying its grieves for the victims and thanked first responders. They also highlighted the “heroic actions” of the unidentified 22-year-old who stopped the gunman.

A “suspicious” backpack was also recovered at the mall. However, police have not said if it belonged to the shooter.

In a Facebook post, Greenwood Mayor Mark Meyers said, “On behalf of the City of Greenwood, I am grateful for his quick action and heroism in this situation.”

Authorities have also indicated police raided the apartment of the man who began the shooting. No reports have been released as to what was found, or a possible motive.

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