Grunt Style begins charity road trip
September 9, 2021

Pop Smoke Media has worked closely with Grunt Style’s philanthropy in the past. Thanks to our history, we were invited to help spread word about this exciting road trip, meant to upend how charity work is typically done. The premise behind the series is that writing a check can sometimes be impersonal. The challenges and events will highlight the people behind the charities, and the stories that brought them to life.

Grunt Style hits the road

The road trip will last for six days, and continue through early October.

Grunt Style stating, “At each stop there will be a points-based challenge in which our four contestants will be representing an organization. This will be a six part series in which the places from cumulative points will dictate how much the respective charity will receive as a donation.”

Each of the contestants going on the trip is a member of the Grunt Style team. Each contestant has a charity that they will represent and compete for.

The charities involved are: Military Families, Burnpits 360, Irreverant Warriors, Camp Southernground, and Soldiers Angels. The outreach stemming from engagement with these charities are in the areas of housing, food insecurities, mental health and wellness, and job assistance.

What are they even doing though?

The competitions will range from Archery, to Shooting, to Combat Laser Tag, and much more. These are sure to be awesome, but even better, these normal activities will end up supporting causes that spread widely among the veteran and military community.

Since the competition is based on points, each charity stands to win somewhere between $12,000 to $20,000 at the end of it. With the prize for sixth place still at $12,000, it seems as if there are no true “losers” involved.

The values backing the road trip are Honor, Integrity, and Advocacy. The trip will focus on recognizing those who have courageously served and sacrificed. Also, ensuring that no veteran is left behind. Lastly, the trip will deepen appreciation for those advocates by supporting and empowering the back bone of Veteran community.

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