Gunner Kennels revolutionizes dog crates, saves lives
August 29, 2022

Dogs are growing up healthier these days. 35-pound bags of dry food have been replaced by hermetically sealed chubs of raw, wet chow that requires refrigeration. Choke collars have been replaced by chest harnesses. And flimsy, plastic dog crates are being upgraded to sturdy, life saving kennels thanks to Gunner Kennels.

The founder of Gunner Kennels, Addison Edmonds credits his company to his best friend and the company’s namesake, GUNNER the dog. Addison had a vision of producing “a heavy-duty kennel with as much drive as [Gunner] gave when retrieving.”

Addison never felt safe traveling with his beloved companion locked in one of those cheap, plastic, oversized shoeboxes and was sick of having to replace them year after year. So he decided to create what he would call “man’s best kennel.”

Gunner Kennels has saved countless dog lives by keeping dogs safe and secure in their crate during crashes. Equally, if not more important, Gunner Kennels and their sturdy frame, keeps dogs safe from one of the leading causes of injury in vehicle collisions — projectiles.

Ben Boehmig (right) suffered a broken collar bone, multiple broken ribs, and a bruised lung in a vehicle collision. His dog, Beau (left) “escaped the wreck completely unscathed” because he was contained in a Gunner Kennel.

Look, if you’d buy a car seat for you child, there’s no argument to not buy a Gunner Kennel for your dog. They’re worth it.


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