Hero of the week: Deputy Valentino Aguirre
July 16, 2021

Yuba County Sheriff’s Office recently announced that a Deputy saved a one-year-old baby. The child had stopped breathing while in a shower and the family called 911. Relatives took the baby outside and anxiously waited for an ambulance to arrive.


Deputy Valentino “Tino” Aguirre meets with family of baby he saved (Photo Courtesy of Yuba County Sheriff’s Department)

The first on the scene was Deputy Valentino “Tino” Aguirre. Although he was not part of the paramedic crew, the group recognized him as a first responder. They immediately directed the Deputy to an infant, named Leo, who was not responsive.

“When I got him he was pretty stiff and he wasn’t opening his eyes; he wasn’t making any noises,” Aguirre stated.

Deputy Aguirre began Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on the baby. This continued for over two minutes before the child vomited and began to breathe again. The child cried for a short time, and was reunited with his family.

As a result of his quick thinking, Deputy Aguirre was awarded the Bronze Medal of Merit. Aguirre would state that he highly recommends parents to learn CPR as a precaution to this unexpected emergency.


Deputy Valentino Aguirre after receiving the Bronze Medal of Merit (Photo Courtesy of Yuba County Sheriff’s Department)

This incident occurred back in May, but Deputy Aguirre is only now being publicly recognized. Well done Deputy Aguirre!


There is far too much negativity in the media these days. In a quest to grab your attention with the gloom and doom, they often overlook the good in our lives. Because of that, we strive to always find things to be thankful for. For this reason Hero of the Week will be a weekly reoccurrence.

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