Is Bloc eye-pro part of your gear list?
August 22, 2022

Two things happened for the UK in 1988: Sandy Lyle became the first British golfer to win the US Masters, and BLOC Systems Ltd was established.

From the start, Bloc had a vision — pun intended — of revolutionizing sport and fashion eyewear across the world. As Bloc continued to expand their sphere of influence out of the foggy English Isles, they destroyed the notion in the athletic community “that perfection can only be achieved with excessive price.”

“We [at Bloc] have carefully selected partners to represent the product range worldwide, thus protecting the integrity and future of the brand, offering the very best support and back-up service to every customer. Our desire for perfection is limitless, as we continue to explore the boundaries of new production materials and eye protection. In an increasingly competitive world, the dream of offering the very best is now a reality.”

After dominating the market on athletic eyewear, Bloc set their sights –pun once again intended — on the tactical world.

Bloc has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing eye-pro. That expertise has been coupled with the knowhow and resources of modern operators to create “a truly unique range of ballistic eyewear with the best technologies available to market.” This range includes anti-fog lenses, scratch resistant coatings, and polarized ballistic lenses.

Bloc has long mastered their ability to “forecast and react quickly to changes in sport and street fashion alike” and maneuver in a direction that brings the highest level of functionality and protection to emerging trends. Most recently, Bloc Tactical has been providing that function in the operator community.

Working closely with military and law enforcement organizations, Bloc Tactical has been able to design, test, and produce creative solutions in-house. They’ve found that their relationship with shooters in the field “is key to sustaining successful product development and nurturing new ideas.”


Know who should have been wearing Bloc eye-pro? This woman…

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