Is your next holster a Gould & Goodrich?
August 15, 2022

What does Gould & Goodrich have in common with every branch of military service? They operate based on a set of core values from which they refuse to deviate under any circumstances.

Former Army Intelligence Officer and Company President, Scott Nelson said, “the foundation of our success lies in our company values of Respect, Excellence, Integrity, and Leadership.” Having lead a platoon dedicated to counter-insurgent and counter-drug operations in Latin America, Nelson is one whose word on these values carries weight.

G&G’s specializes in making the highest quality belts, holsters, and duty pouches on the market. Their consistency and “refusal to compromise on materials, whether it’s leather, nylon or synthetic” make them an industry leader in the market.

A quick scroll through G&G’s customer reviews tells a reader two things about their products and work ethics. First, they make a high quality product that fits its intended piece of gear with the utmost precision. Second, G&G’s customer service is a direct reflection of their outstanding leadership.

“Our goal is to remain an industry leader in quality and service. To meet that challenge, our employees are continuously encouraged to lead themselves in serving you, according to our long standing values. Gould & Goodrich has the leadership experience to partner with you, in meeting the demands of your job with excellent quality and service.”

Gould & Goodrich has been producing equipment for military, law enforcement, and citizens alike in the same 50,000 square foot facility in Lillington, North Carolina since 1985. They take a high level of pride, and their customers find a high level of satisfaction in the facts that everything G&G sells is made in America, hand crafted, and individually inspected by hand for not only quality, but perfection.


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