Israel retaliates against Syrian shots fired
May 31, 2023

In response to shots fired from Syria at a surveillance drone, Israel has carried out a retaliatory strike, according to a statement released by the Israeli military on Wednesday. 

The military confirmed that machine gun fire was directed toward the area from where the shots originated, ensuring the successful completion of the drone’s mission without causing any damage. Israel has been engaged in a series of attacks against targets it claims are linked to Iran in Syria for several years. Since the onset of the civil war in 2011, Iran’s influence in Syria has steadily grown as it has supported President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. 

The ongoing conflict in Syria has provided Israel with an opportunity to carry out hundreds of attacks against what it alleges to be Iran-linked targets and affiliates of the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

Iran maintains that its officers serve in an advisory capacity in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government, activist groups have accused Tehran’s forces of committing grave human rights abuses and causing civilian casualties. Throughout the course of the war, dozens of Revolutionary Guards members, including senior officers, have lost their lives in Syria.

The recent incident involving the shots fired at Israel’s surveillance drone highlights the persistent tensions between Israel and Syria, with each side accusing the other of aggression. Israel’s proactive approach in targeting what it perceives as threats to its national security has intensified the regional power struggle, particularly with Iran, whose influence in the Middle East continues to be a major concern for Israel.

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