Kabul: Dozens injured during explosions at schools
April 19, 2022

Several explosions rocked Kabul on Tuesday, primarily at the Abdul Rahim Shahid high school. A nearby tuition education centre was also purportedly targeted with hand grenades. Kabul police leader, Khalid Zadran, claimed improvised explosive devices were most likely used in the attack.

The Taliban has denied involvement in the two attacks that left at least 6 dead, and over 20 injured. Some speculate this may be the work of Islamic state militants, but no group has claimed responsibility.

Security forces quickly worked to secure the area, and civilians helped transport the injured to nearby hospitals. The causality total is expected to climb as the day progresses.

Kabul and Islamabad

This deadly attack comes days after the Taliban claims several airstrikes were launched by Pakistan into Afghanistan. Since the US withdrew forces from Kabul, Pakistan has given several stern warnings to the Taliban not to harbor militants. Afghan officials claim the strikes killed over 40 civilians. Pakistani officials have not made a statement regarding the accusations.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban government, said the differences between the two countries must be solved politically. Some have called the statement by the Taliban hypocrisy given the disregard they have shown for civilians in the past.

In 2014, a Taliban attack left 141 Pakistani children dead in the north-western city of PeshawarAs a result, the border has become a source of tension. Particularly now, as Pakistan struggles with the recent outing of their Prime Minister by parliament.

On Sunday, Pakistan’s foreign office released a statement saying, “Pakistan has repeatedly requested Afghan Government in last few months to secure Pak-Afghan border region. Terrorists are using Afghan soil with impunity to carry out activities inside Pakistan.”

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