Man Steals 5-ton Same Day as Being Released From Jail
May 17, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Michael D. Stevens II, a Maryland man recently released from jail, found himself back in police custody after leading authorities on a high-speed chase in a stolen 5-ton military vehicle.

Local law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene, initiating a pursuit that stretched across several counties. The incident unfolded on Friday in Harford County following a report of a stolen 1986 923-A 5-ton military vehicle from a private residence in Bel Air. The suspect drove through Bel Air and onto Interstate 95 as deputies pursued him. Despite their attempts to disable the vehicle using stop sticks, they were unsuccessful, leaving residents and law enforcement officers bewildered by the audacity of Stevens’ actions.


The chase continued into Baltimore City, where the suspect eventually stopped on Conkling Street and attempted to flee on foot. Deputies successfully apprehended Stevens without any injuries reported. After a dramatic chase spanning nearly two hours, authorities managed to bring the stolen military vehicle to a halt. However, multiple vehicles were damaged during the pursuit.

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5-ton worth of trouble

Stevens was charged with motor vehicle theft, two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, and failing to obey a lawful order. He was taken back to the Harford County Detention Center on Friday evening and appeared in court, where he was ordered to be held without bond. A bail review is scheduled to take place early in the following week. As of now, Stevens’ attorney has not provided any comments regarding the case.

Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that Michael D. Stevens II had been released from jail earlier the same day on unrelated charges. The motive behind the theft and subsequent chase remains unclear, as investigators continue to piece together the events leading up to the incident.

Residents in the affected areas were left shaken by the unfolding events, but no injuries were reported as a result of the chase. Local authorities commend the swift action of law enforcement officers and their ability to apprehend the suspect safely. This brazen incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining public safety.

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