Man surrenders at VA Hospital after road rage fight
December 14, 2021

A viral video allegedly shows a man get into a physical altercation with fellow a motorist in a road rage incident. Watch below:

While the video begins mid-verbal argument, it appears to be a dispute over parking. A man identified as Richard Suarez, can be seen threatening and insulting bystanders in Mandeville, Louisiana.

He is then approached by someone thought to an elderly man. He criticizes Suarez for his aggressive behavior. Suarez stomps towards him yelling, “Cool, I can get violent with you because you’re a guy.”

After a brief exchange of feints and insults, a van obscures the video. It appears as if Suarez was attempting to walk away when the second man followed him around the vehicle.

Soon after, the unidentified man falls flat to the ground, and bystanders begin to react as if Suarez had used violence.

Police and EMS were immediately called to the road rage incident. The unidentified man was taken to a hospital, but has since been released.

slow Parker

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office

Mandeville police state Suarez turned himself into the VA Hospital of New Orleans shortly after the altercation. Police have not identified Suarez’s military affiliation, but some believe him to be a Captain in the Louisiana National Guard. This has not been confirmed as of yet.

Suarez is being held on 4 charges: 2nd degree battery, simple battery, simple assault, and disturbing the peace.

A St. Tammany Parish judge set his bond at $250k per charge, for a total of $1 million.

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