Marine veteran chugs beer from prosthetic leg on jumbotron
December 1, 2022

Annika Nadine Hutsler, a United States Marine Corps veteran, was attending a Lakers game Monday at the Arena. One thing led to another and she found herself chugging a beer from her prosthetic leg on the big screen. The crowd exploded and Hutsler was given a $100 gift card, being named “Fan of the Game.”

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Hutsler was only 9 months into her Marine Corps career when she was diagnosed with a tumor in her foot. Originally misdiagnosed as a stress fracture, Hutsler experienced a long and arduous process. Constantly being told she was fine, Hutsler struggled both physically, and mentally, dealing with extreme pain, infection, and countless hospital visits. She finally convinced her doctors to amputate part of the limb, and has since become a successful athlete, model and motivational speaker. Hear the whole story in her own words here:

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