Memorial Day Weekend: Who Carries on the Legacy
May 27, 2022

Memorial Day means something a little different to everyone who has lost a friend, or a loved one, in the line of service. As time goes on, people will often channel their memories into something good. Even in the afterlife, those lost to war and conflict continue to push the greater good forward.

Their Legacies live on…

Organizations who are especially active on Memorial Day are those such as the Wounded Warriors Project, and the Memorial Day Foundation. However they aren’t the only ones who carry on the legacy.

Hope for the Warriors, “provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families that are focused on transition, health and wellness, peer engagement, and connections to community resources.”

It is an organization that provides great resources and aid to military families in multiple capacities. Hope for the Warriors was established in 2006, with 90.1% of the proceeds donated going directly to military families.

Headstrong, is another note worthy organization. Aside from war, loved ones are also lost to suicidal ideations exacerbated by events around them. Suicide is something that lowers the morale of a unit in ways different than losing someone in a firefight. Once you return home, suicidal thoughts are less obvious than a threatening enemy combatant, and may not be given the appropriate attention. Thus, Headstrong aids military members with their mental health, helping stop the pain before one may even feel it.

Though some might think this weekend is typically about barbecues and the start of summer, it is important to remember why we are able to do those things in the first place. Losing loved ones may get easier in time, but these organizations help significantly with the process of grief. The pain will always be there, but knowing that there was good put into the world at the sacrifice of another is something to always be proud of.

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