Military recruiter kills wife in front of NCIS
September 23, 2022

A Texas military recruiter fatally shot his wife while she was talking with investigators from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service about accusations she made about abuse she sustained from her husband, according to police.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the shooting took place at around 1:30 PM on Thursday in the Atascocita home inside a Balmoral community.

Ed Gonzalez, the Harris County Sheriff said that the wife of the military recruiter was discussing her allegations with two investigators from the NCIS when her husband entered the room and fired his weapon at her.

One of the NCIS investigators was injured in the gun fire but was in fair condition as of Thursday night after being hospitalized. According to police, the other agent was not injured in the attack.

The intended victim of the attack, the wife of the military recruiter, was holding her child when she was struck and killed. According to Gonzalez, first responders declared the woman dead when they arrived, her child still in her arms, unharmed.

The military recruiter escaped the scene in a sedan, dark colored, but police were able to find him about three and a half hours later. At that time, the exited his vehicle, still visibly armed, and began to fire upon the responding police officers.

According to Gonzalez, the suspect was killed in the shoot out that followed. Authorities believe that the gunman was attempting to make it to his mother’s house before being apprehended by law enforcement.

The investigation into the shootings are still ongoing.

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