Mutilated cats found on Nellis AFB raises concerns
June 11, 2022

Nellis Air Force Base leadership warns Airmen about “pre-serial killer” tendencies following the discovery of four mutilated cats in as many months. Security forces have finally started to investigate the animal abuse.

Command Chief Master Sergeant of the base’s 57th Wing, Chief Master SGT Thomas Schaefer, circulated an email this month advising that four mutilated cats were discovered on base since February, all of which have been “cut in half”.

According to the email, “The only parts found have been the lower portion and the cuts have been clean indicating it is not a natural attack by a coyote or any other predator.” All of the feline remains were found by housing maintenance workers.

Investigators have not yet determined who, if anyone, owned the mutilated cats, but according to a Nellis representative, there have been no cats reported missing by any Nellis residents.

While Schaefer’s email warned that “There may be some pre-serial killer tendencies going on,”, a Nellis Air Force Base spokesperson clarified that Schaefer’s assessment “was his own opinion and not indicative of any previous or current concerns of danger to the community.”

Under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, it is illegal to abuse “certain public animals”. This includes animals owned or used by any department of government and any wild animals found on federally owned land. Any service member who is found guilty of abusing “public animals” are subject to court martial.

While there is currently no known connection between the two sets of incidents, the announcement of the cats found mutilated on Nellis follows reports from earlier this month about cats being abused at Hawaii’s Schofield Barracks. There, several feral cats were found mutilated and shot with darts.

The investigation into these incidents is being conducted by the Security Forces Squadron at Nellis and is ongoing.

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