Officer seen looking at “Punisher logo” was husband of Uvalde victim
July 14, 2022

Following the May 24th attack on the Texas’ Robb Elementary school, formal investigations, eye witness testimony, and media reports revealed an undeniable lack of leadership, a perception of cowardice, and negligence in the form of indecision and inaction from Uvalde police officials and responders.

One of the officers who ‘came under fire’ from the internet was officer Ruben Ruiz.

Officer Ruiz was seen in surveillance videos looking at his phone, which displayed The Punisher logo. Initial reporting criticized the officer for what could be seen in the video as either checking for messages or reading the time.

After the immediate barrage of hate the officer received, it has become known that officer Ruben Ruiz is the husband of slain Uvalde victim, Eva Mireles.

Given what has come to light, it is quite possible that the officer, and concerned husband, was hoping for a sign on life from his wife who he knew was in life threatening danger.

Furthermore, Officer Ruiz was also reported to have been detained and disarmed by fellow officers after trying to advance towards the shooter in the wake of the grave indecision that prevented the rest of the responding personnel from doing so.

Initial speculation, by other media outlets and social media groups, over the character and integrity of one of the officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting may have been premature and inappropriate.

The full scope of the situation is still not known, nor may it ever be. However, it is important to recognize the story is more complex when it comes to the actions of officer Ruben Ruiz.

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