OpEd: My weekend thoughts, and future of this country
September 6, 2021
“Who will run our country when the ones in elected seats are no longer in office?”
This is a question I often think about. Where will our nation go in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 years from now? Are we, veterans, going to sit back and watch our nation crumble and fall? Or will we stand up to the challenge of breaking comfortability and taking hold of where our country goes and how it’s molded?
Maybe you think it’s not worth it, or perhaps you think it’s unachievable, but one thing it isn’t is for us to watch drift by as we grow into elders. We need to step up collectively, position ourselves, and act on the elected seats that make decisions locally and abroad. You CAN do this.
More veterans need to move into the civil leadership roles across the country and guide our future generations. Why do we think we can sit by after our years in uniform and come home and relax? This is the lie that is fed to you. We are young and wise in mentality with vigor beyond comparison with a burning desire to challenge the status quo.
I love this country, and I plan on doing exactly as I’m asking or challenging all of you to do. That is to say, look for seats locally, build a campaign attack plan, and put myself back into the fight. We are growing; we are becoming the new class that will see how this nation grows and evolves and stays faithful to our constitution as it moves forward through time.
We need leaders who will guide properly without petty arguments, and who are willing to cross the aisle to work with the opposite party for the collective good of this nation.
Do research, find your path. We need to be leaders in our communities, and our children need guidance, our friends need motivation, this country will rely on you again. We need YOU.
This is the United States of America, and at the age of 32, I refuse to sit back and watch spineless humans run this nation into the ground with their petty partisan bullshit, making decisions for me…. I will have a say soon. Stay tuned.

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