Pakistani forces Annihilate Islamic State Commander
June 30, 2023

Pakistani security forces have successfully eliminated an Islamic State (IS) group commander and two other militants during a targeted operation on a militant hideout near the Afghanistan border.

The raid took place in Bajur, a district located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. According to the military, the operation was conducted as part of ongoing efforts to combat terrorism in the region.

The IS commander, identified as Shafi Ullah, had been a prime target for the Pakistani government due to his alleged involvement in various attacks on security forces and the killing of innocent civilians. The elimination of such a high-value target marks a significant victory for the Pakistani government in its ongoing efforts to combat terrorism.

The raid, conducted in the early hours, involved a coordinated effort by highly trained commandos and intelligence agencies, who effectively surrounded the militant hideout, leaving no room for escape. The security forces employed a combination of ground forces, and advanced technology to ensure the success of the mission.

As the security forces closed in, a fierce gun battle ensued. The militants, including the IS commander, fiercely resisted capture, However, the professionalism displayed by the experienced Pakistani military ultimately led to the neutralization of the high-value target.

The Pakistani military media wing issued a statement commending the bravery and commitment of the security personnel involved in the operation. The statement emphasized the country’s unyielding resolve to combat terrorism in all its forms and to ensure the safety and security of its citizens.

During the raid, security forces not only neutralized the high-value target but also seized a significant cache of weapons and ammunition from the hideout. Following the successful operation, a clearance operation is currently underway in the area to ensure the elimination of any remaining threats.

The tribal belt along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has long been notorious for serving as a safe haven for both local and foreign militants, posing a significant security challenge to both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s military has been actively engaged in large-scale operations over the past few years in the area. Although significant progress has been made, sporadic attacks by militants in the area continue to be a concern.

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