Parents of shooting suspect charged with involuntary manslaughter
December 4, 2021


Prosecutors in Michigan have charged the parents of the Oxford High School shooter. Ethan Crumbley, 15, is accused of killing four classmates, and injuring several others. All with a handgun authorities believe his parents gave him.

Hours before the shooting, the Crumbleys met with school administrators to discuss their son’s recent disturbing behavior. Investigators believe Ethan Crumbley had the pistol with him during the meeting. Also, that the parents did not ask him about the pistol after the meeting.

James and Jennifer Crumbley now face four counts of involuntary manslaughter, but their whereabouts are currently unknown. Although, the family lawyer claims his clients only left town for their own safety, and will eventually turn themselves in.

Authorities have been very vocal in their admonishment of the events that lead to the shooting at Oxford High School.

“While the shooter was the one who entered the high school and pulled the trigger, there are other individuals who contributed to the events on Nov. 30, and it’s my intent to hold them accountable as well,” stated Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald. Also saying, “Gun ownership is a right, and with that right comes great responsibility.”

Authorities suspect the couple may be driving a black 2021 Kia Seltos SUV with Michigan tags.

Purported chain of events

  • Nov. 26: James Crumbley takes Ethan Crumbley to purchase a handgun.
  • Nov. 27: Jennifer Crumbley posts on social media, “Mom and son day, testing out his new X-mas present.”
  • Nov. 29: A Teacher catches Ethan Crumbley searching for ammunition online.

Nov. 30:

  • School staff met with Crumbley parents regarding a violent drawing made by Ethan Crumbley.
  • The drawing was of a “bloody body and a gun,” with the words “Help me,” and, “My life is useless,” and “The world is dead,” and, “Blood everywhere.” scratched out.
  • School authorities mandated parents get Ethan Crumbley counseling within 48 hours.
  • The parents reportedly were against Ethan Crumbley leaving school, and left without him.
  • Several hours later, Ethan Crumbley began shooting.
  • Tate Myre, 16, attempts to intervene and is killed by Ethan Crumbley.
  • When the news broke, Jennifer allegedly texted her son, “Ethan, don’t do it.”
  • Shortly after James Crumbley called police to report the gun missing, and identify Ethan as a suspect.

Among the instances they believe to be criminally negligent, prosecutors point to the parents not confirming the gun’s whereabouts when news of the violent drawing was brought to light.

Tate Myre

Tate Myre

Witnesses claim that as students fled from the shooting, one person ran towards it, Tate Myre. It is unknown if Tate was attempting to disarm Ethan Crumbley, or merely distract him. However, those who knew him best say he had the type of character that wouldn’t just let him stand idly by. Myre’s funeral has been scheduled for Tuesday at the Kensington Church in Lake Orion.

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