Pentagon press briefing dodges tough questions
August 16, 2021

Pentagon spokesperson John F. Kirby held a press briefing this afternoon in order to clarify the United States’ plan for how to move forward with the current situation in Afghanistan.


Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby (DoD)

We watched the Pentagon’s press conference, and really wish there was anything of substance to report. Members of the press repeatedly fired scathing questions during their turn to speak. Many of which went mostly unanswered by Kirby. One reporter blatantly called the evacuation a “failure” while seeking explanations.

Reporter continued to ask clear and concise questions. Although, nearly all were met with downplay or non-answers. It was frustrating to watch the queries go unanswered, or blatantly ignored.



(Screenshot of Edward Snowden retweeting an observation by @DanLamothe)

One of the more difficult portions consisted of gut-wrenching statement by a reporter who claimed to hail from Afghanistan. She asked for an explanation to why the situation was allowed to become so dangerous. Specifically for women and young girls.

She continued by referencing her escape from the Taliban 20 years ago, and the struggles women have faced in the country. Kirby replied by stating, “We know how you feel.”

After watching this Pentagon briefing, I feel no better educated to what is happening, or why it happened. This is a shame. Today, many of us learned more of what is going on from social media, than from our own press secretaries.

There is clearly value in maintaining a level of discretion in military operations. However, this was not what happened. Today we saw a blatant failure of policy. Furthermore, no accountability being held.

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