Queen Elizabeth passes away at 96
September 8, 2022
Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth speaking to British and American Marines, Airmen and Sailors on 5/22/2021. (Royal Navy Photo by POPhot Jay Allen)

Easier today, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth has passed away at the age of 96. The Royal Family released the following statement:

The Legacy of a Monarch

Born in April of 1926, Queen Elizabeth has beheld the fall of empires, countless wars, famines, recessions, and major world events. Her passing will become yet another significant and world changing event.

During the Second World War, (then) Princess Elizabeth insisted on joining the Auxiliary Territorial Service. This being the women’s branch of the British Army, where she qualified as an Army mechanic in 1945. The Queen was the last surviving head of state to have served during the World War II.

After donning the crown at the tender age of 25, the Queen continued to hold the fascination and respect of most of her subjects, leading to even a Netflix show, that scrutinized (and glamorized) the pain, grace, and humanity of Queen Elizabeth. Even those that may prefer to shrink the financial disparity between royalty and republic still appear to revere the tradition of having a royal family.

What does this mean for England?

Today, the Queen’s son automatically became King Charles III. However, the official coronation ceremony may not occur for several weeks, if not months. There are strict protocols that have been set in place in such an event, and planning is currently underway.

According to the Royal website, the coronation ceremony “has remained essentially the same over a thousand years.” Although, the website is temporarily closed while the appropriate updates and changes are being made.

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