Report: At least seven Taliban killed in Panjshir clash
August 31, 2021

American forces have left Afghanistan, but the fighting there has not stoped. The Panjshir valley was recently the scene of a deadly clash. The region, located north of Kabul, is where militia forces engaged the Taliban in combat, and reports have indicate both sides took casualties.


Reported picture of the Northern Alliance / NRF fighters (Twitter @NA2NRF)

The National Resistance Forces (NRF) is a faction still loyal to the local leader, Ahmad Massoud. Bismillah Mohammadi, a member of the resistance, stated, “Last night, the Taliban attacked Panjshir, but were defeated with 7 dead and several wounded.”

Mohammadi had previously served as a minister under the former President Ashraf Ghani.

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Fahim Dashti, another spokesman for the NRF claims they had two wounded in the fighting. The Taliban has not released a statement as of yet.

Lion of Panjshir

This part of the Hindu Kush is only accessible by a narrow pass. It is also where the Mujahideen achieved much of their success against the Soviet Union. This was mainly credited to Ahmad Massoud’s father, Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was known as the “Lion of Panjshir.”

After defeating the Soviets, Ahmad Shah Massoud clashed with both Al-Qaida and the Taliban. Al-Qaida militants (posed as journalists) killed Massoud in a suicide bombing. This occurred 2 days before the September 11th attacks. However, his militia did not disband. Rather, they helped American forces to battle Al-Qaida and the Taliban in the subsequent invasion.

Now his son. Ahmad Massoud, 32, has reportedly been joined by Afghan soldiers who did not want to surrender. Although Ahmad Massoud has stated he is open to negotiations, he has also stated he will fight if provoked.

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