Retired NYPD cop arrested outside DC capitol with BB gun and more
June 3, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C., 5am – Jerome Felipe, a retired NYPD cop was arrested just outside of the US Capitol building. He was discovered by Capitol police to be in possession of a fake INTERPOL badge, body armor, a BB gun, and what Washington DC considers to be “high capacity” magazines.

The 53 year old Flint, Michigan man was observed by Capitol police parked in a 2017 Dodge Charge on the west side of the Capitol building. When approached by police, Felipe identified himself as an active law enforcement officer and presented a false badge which, according to the police on site, said “Department of the INTERPOL.”

According to Capitol police, “Felipe also made a statement that he was a criminal investigator with the agency.” He then authorized police to search his vehicle at which point they found his BB gun, two sets of body armor, and multiple calibers of ammunition.

In spite of the ammunition, some of which was loading into “high capacity” magazines, police said that “no real guns were found” in the car or on his person.

According to investigators, the retired NYPD cop was charged with unlawful possession of high capacity magazines and unregistered ammo.

A senior official with the NYPD said that Felipe was “retired on disability”, but was not issued a Retired Law Enforcement Handgun License, often called a “good guy letter”, which allows retired New York City police officers to carry concealed weapons.

One of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service’s online databases contained data on Felipe’s retirement. According to the database, Felipe was relieved from duty for cause at the end of 2018. His removal was in accordance with a regulation related to “an employee’s resignation or retirement while a disciplinary process has commenced.”

Investigators are still unclear about why Filipe was parked at the Capitol.

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