Rob Riggle says his commanders probably didn’t even know he was famous
November 11, 2022

One of the most highly anticipated events at the Military Influencer Conference was the fireside chat with actor, and comedian, Rob Riggle.

The former Marine spoke at length about his experience in the Marine Corps while pursuing a successful career in entertainment. He was asked if any of his commanders were ever “star-struck” while serving with him. To this, Riggle laughed, and assured the audience that none of his commanders ever gave a sh*t:

“They were so out of touch with pop culture. You know, anything going on. They didn’t know. So… I flew under the radar of almost everybody Uhh… now some of the younger Marines would go, ‘Aren’t you… No that can’t be.’ But that was about it, and usually I try to keep all the lanes pretty isolated, and stay in this lane and stay in this lane if I could help it.”

Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle at the 2022 Military Influencer Conference (Photo by Daniel Sharp)

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Riggle began his military career as an active duty Marine. After separating, he served in the Marine reserves until his retirement in 2013, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Riggle deployed multiple times, including assignments to Liberia, Kosovo, Albania, and Afghanistan. He has appeared in a plethora of movies, TV shows and commercials (just don’t bring up his audition for Dr. Scholls)

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