Russia forcing Ukrainian children into military-patriotic camps
April 24, 2023

In a disturbing revelation, a Ukrainian defense official has accused Russia of forcing Ukrainian children to attend “military patriotic education” camps in Crimea. The official stated that this was an attempt by Russia to instill pro-Russian sentiment in the children and to groom them to serve in the Russian military.

The camps, located in the annexed region of Crimea, are said to host children aged between 8 and 18 years. According to the official, children are coerced into attending these camps and are subjected to intense military training, including weapons handling, hand-to-hand combat, and other military tactics.

The official also alleged that the children are subjected to propaganda about the “righteousness” of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and are taught to view Ukraine as an enemy. The camp instructors reportedly encourage the children to adopt a pro-Russian stance and to consider joining the Russian military when they reach adulthood.

The official further claimed that parents of these children are being threatened and intimidated into sending their children to these camps. Those who resist are reportedly threatened with retaliation against their families, including possible arrest or imprisonment.

The Ukrainian government has condemned these actions, calling them a violation of international law and human rights. The government has also called on the international community to take action against Russia and to put an end to the abuse of Ukrainian children.

The situation in Crimea has been tense since Russia’s annexation of the region in 2014. The annexation has been widely condemned by the international community, with most countries recognizing Crimea as part of Ukraine.

This latest revelation is likely to further strain relations between Russia and Ukraine, which have already been fraught with tension in recent years. It remains to be seen whether the international community will take any action against Russia in response to these allegations.

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