Scotsman breaks world record involving unicycle and a barbell
October 1, 2022

34 year old Scotsman, Jason Auld of Edinburgh, Scotland, broke the Guinness World Record for riding a unicycle with a 150 pound barbell over his head. (Photo Courtesy of Guinness World Records)

Scotsman, athlete, and all-around badass, combined his love of weight lifting and unicycling to create and hold a Guinness World Record by riding a unicycle while holding a 150 pound barbell over his head.

Josh Auld, 34, of Edinburgh, has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records  as the official record holder for the “heaviest single weight lifted by barbell overhead press while riding a unicycle”.

The Scotsman is a professional unicycle rider and, perhaps even cooler, an athletic coach for the popular TV series Ninja Warrior. According to Auld, he began training himself to unicycle while strict pressing that kind of weight after the world locked down for Covid-19.

If Covid taught us one thing, it’s that when the gyms are closed, we gotta get creative.

Auld said that it took him about six weeks to successfully operate his unicycle with the weight of a small child pressed over his head.

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