Self-published books by Veterans you should know about
July 8, 2023

Photo courtesy of Shayla Hayward-Lundy. (Edited)

Today, we’re highlighting a few Veteran authors who have taken the leap to self-publish books about their experiences and lessons learned from service. Be sure to show your support by ordering or pre-ordering their work!

The Veteran Workbook by Jenna Carlton 

Jenna Carlton is a Navy Veteran who recognized the need to support and empower younger Veterans. After discovering that policy work may not be the most effective path, she co-founded the Facebook support group The Millennial Veterans, aiming to create a community and raise awareness about available resources. Jenna now hosts an Instagram Live series called Vet Chats, where she interviews younger Veterans on their continued service. Inspired by these conversations, she wrote The Veteran Workbook, a journal-style book that assists Veterans in reflecting on their service, establishing structure, planning for the future, and redefining their identity post-military. This workbook is designed for Veterans of any era, age, or gender, offering valuable guidance for those transitioning into civilian life, regardless of the length of their military service.

It’ll Buff Out by Jared Prewitt 

In 2004, amidst the escalating Iraq war, Jared Prewitt enlisted in the Marine Corps. Serving as a Designated Marksman in the Battle of Ramadi and later as a Squad Leader in the Battle of Garmsir in Afghanistan, Jared confronted the harsh realities of war firsthand. His forthcoming book, It’ll Buff Out, captures his unique perspective and personal encounters during his military service. From his sheltered upbringing to the Battle of Ramadi, Jared’s story unfolds with explosive intensity, delving into the physical and psychological tolls of war. With resilience and an indomitable spirit, he recounts the revival of a war-torn city, offering profound insights into the human condition.

Liberty Subverted by Justin Eggen 

Justin Eggen is a Marine Corps Veteran who served as a combat engineer with the 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, undertaking missions in Marjah and Sangin. Justin is a two-time National Award-Winning poet and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Florida Atlantic University. He is best known for his award-winning War Poetry, written from his experiences in Afghanistan searching for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). His 10th self-published book, Liberty Subverted, is a poetry collection of culture, politics, life, philosophy, and love. Check out more of Justin’s movie review’s and writings on PSM by clicking here.

If there are any books published by Veterans you want to see highlighted, let us know by clicking here!

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