Space Force senior enlisted official started with a 4yr tour in the Air Force
May 9, 2023

The United States Space Force has announced that Senior Master Sargent. Kevin Bentivegna will be the new Senior Enlisted Leader, replacing Chief Master Sergeant. Roger Towberman. The change of command will occur in the coming months.

Bentivegna, who transferred to the Space Force in September 2020, will take on the role of helping shape service policy and customs that are tied to the health, morale, and mission of all enlisted Guardians.

He is currently the senior enlisted adviser to the chief operations officer and is the enlisted space operations career field manager for space systems operators from the Air Force’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Towberman, who served as the chief master sergeant of the Space Force for three years, praised the selection of Bentivegna, highlighting his ability to hold fellow service members accountable.

“He’s very comfortable kind of speaking truth to whomever it is, including me, and he’s always been good. I’ve always been able to count on him to point out blind spots and to hold me accountable,” Towberman said.

“We have run really fast to develop the service and shape what it’s going to be. We have charted a vision for the future, and I want to deliver that vision to our Guardians and the joint force. I know this is going to take collaboration, communication, policy and processes to make that happen. I am humbled that I get to be the one to champion these efforts for them in the future.” – Senior Master Sergeant Kevin Bentivenga

Bentivegna did not initially plan to make a career out of the military. When he joined in 1994, he expected his service to last four to six years at most. He saw being a veteran to improve his resume and increase his chances of landing a job as a fireman or police officer.

However, over time, Bentivegna developed a passion for the military and credits his various roles in different commands, as well as his work with the National Reconnaissance Office, as instrumental in his development as a leader and a Guardian.

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