Taiwan: Japanese report on retired Taiwanese military is B.S.
March 2, 2023

Taiwan strongly criticized a report released by the Japanese government accusing retired Taiwanese military officials of selling out the country.

The report, which was issued by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, alleges that former Taiwanese military officers have been involved in the transfer of military secrets to China. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called the report “groundless” and “politically motivated”, and has demanded that Japan retract it immediately.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the report is based on “unsubstantiated and unverified information” and is “intended to sow discord and undermine the stability of the Taiwan Strait”. The ministry has also accused Japan of being “biased” in its reporting on Taiwan, and of “failing to respect the sovereignty and dignity of the Taiwanese people”.

Taiwanese officials have emphasized that their government takes national security very seriously, and has put in place rigorous measures to prevent the transfer of sensitive information to China. They have also pointed out that the allegations in the Japanese report are contradicted by the findings of investigations conducted by both Taiwanese and American authorities.

The report has also been criticized by Taiwanese political leaders, including President Tsai Ing-wen, who has accused Japan of “meddling in Taiwan’s internal affairs”. Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council has similarly condemned the report, stating that it is “based on hearsay and unfounded allegations”.

The controversy over the Japanese report comes at a time of heightened tensions in the Taiwan Strait, with China increasingly assertive in its claims over Taiwan. Japan, which has historically had strained relations with China, has sought to strengthen its ties with Taiwan in recent years, but has also been careful not to provoke China.

The release of the report could be seen as a signal of Japan’s support for Taiwan, but it has also sparked concern among Taiwanese officials that it could inflame tensions with China.

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