Taliban hold military parade showcasing seized US equipment
November 18, 2021

250 newly graduated Taliban troops took part in a massive show of strength on the streets of Kabul. The Taliban also used this as a chance to flex their recently acquired armored might, much to the chagrin of many watching around the globe.

This demonstration allowed the world to witness the transition from a insurgent force, using outdated equipment and technology, to a resemblance of a structured army. Many Taliban soldiers have even ditched traditional garments for military uniforms.

These “soldiers” were in formation, equipped with US rifles. To top the parade off, the Taliban had a Blackhawk in the sky watching over this procession.

Much of the equipment that is on display has been seized through the evacuation of US forces. Specifically, while overthrowing the Afghan army. This has left many US citizens with a bad taste in their mouth as they watched their tax dollars fall into the hands of the Taliban.

According to a report last year, since 2002 the US government has funded $38 billion worth of defensive articles and services to the Afghan government. With this large turn over of equipment into the Taliban’s hands they have made quick work in taking over regions that were previously under the governments control.

One region remains and is not going down without a fight. The Panjshir Valley is a strategic plot of land 90 miles from Kabul. Ali Nazary, the spokesperson for the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front (NRF) of Afghanistan has said that so far they have inflicted heavy casualties to opposing forces in recent attacks after negotiation had stopped.

Taliban forces tried pinching the Panjshir Valley by attacking from the north and south. The NRF was able to hold off the attack but there is little information on the intensity of the engagement.

The once insurgent force is starting to collect themselves and form a large standing military. Some fear this may signal doom for those remaining territories wishing to stay separated from Taliban control.

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