Taylor Swifts’ “All too well” is basically a junior enlisted and SNCO relationship
November 18, 2021

All to well

Taylor Swift recently re-released her album RED… 10 years later and sent every single social media platform in a frenzy. One song in particular “All too Well,” is allegedly about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal back when she was 20 and he was 29.

At first it was hard to understand what the frenzy is about. For most of us, 10 years ago we were in a war zone. Here is Taylor singing about her heartbreak, which to be honest, Who hasn’t been heart broken in their 20s? Which is why the impact of this song is even more impactful.

In our 20s, we knew it all, now as seasoned veterans and adults in our 30s, you look back and think… I was so dumb, how did I even survive that.

It also made me think about the relationships between lower enlisted and senior enlisted or sometimes, even between enlisted and an officer. We all see the memes of a PFC or LCpl dating the SNCO. The irony is there were some LCpls or junior enlisted who joined later in life in their mid to late 20s, however, because they have the rank of LCpl they are immediately viewed as young and dumb.

When in reality they probably have Bachelors degree, already own a house, have life experience but want to do something bigger then themselves, so they join the military.

What I feel Taylor was saying in “All to Well” is don’t judge a person by their age. Just like we shouldn’t judge a person by their rank. Neither are a guaranteed reflection of maturity.

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