Texas man shoots woman in the neck, also hits himself with same bullet
August 3, 2022

A Texas man was fatally wounded by a bullet he fired into a woman’s neck.

According to an official statement, Dallas police responded to reports of a shooting at an apartment building on Saturday and discovered “a large amount of blood and a blood trail in front of an apartment.”

The police arrived on scene at 11:40AM local time and observed that no one was present.

Shortly after, police were contacted by a local hospital and advised that two individuals — a man and woman — were found outside of the hospital in a car, each of whom sustained at least one gun shot wound.

According to investigators, the working theory is that the male shooting victim, Byron Redmon, is also the shooter. It is believed that the Texas man shot the woman, who is yet to be identified, and the “bullet then exited and hit Redmon in the leg.”

The woman’s condition is unknown, but Redmon died in the hospital.

The investigation is ongoing.


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