The Unsung Heroes of Virginia’s ‘Snowmageddon 2022’
January 7, 2022

As hundreds of people were trapped in their cars on Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia during “Snowmageddon 2022,” there were hundreds of communities also affected by this record breaking storm.

Stuck on 95: A neighbor’s experience

Our neighbors, Bethany and Justin Jett, were one of those hundreds affected by the standstill on the highways. Justin spent 23 hours in his car, turning it on every two hours to keep warm or to move forward a couple of inches. His wife Bethany, and kids next door, filled with worry, anticipation and despair due to extremely limited cell phone service.


Justin’s view from his car

I spent the night praying for God’s protection, that the roads would clear, that people would be able to handle being without food and water for so long. Every 30-minutes checking the fire to make sure my kids stayed warm and calling Justin every hour to make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep in the cold and to get an update. It was one of the most helpless, frightening experiences of my whole life knowing that there was a chance my soulmate wasn’t coming home. ” – Bethany Jett

The unknown is the absolute worse in these situations. Justin told us it looked apocalyptic. There were so many cars abandoned which is what made it harder to navigate through 95. For a moment he kept company with the neighboring car. A gentleman with his 80-year-old father. They couldn’t wait any longer and decided to abandon their car and left.

A neighborhood takes charge

Aquia Harbour is closed community that was greatly affected by this storm. Trees fell on the powerlines all around the community. Several residents, a majority of elderly, were snowed in and trapped in their own homes with no power.

Fallen Trees on power-lines

Traci Mason, Mike Bieker, and George White, Aquia Harbour residents, took charge and rallied up fellow neighbors forming mini convoys to go saw down trees in the way of the Dominion trucks. Gathered with their personal chainsaws, shovels, and tools they went and cut down trees and cleared out paths for residents trapped in deep sections of the Harbour.

Neighbor leaves a sign out asking for help

They have divided into teams to take care of a section of the community! Thank you neighborhood hereos: Michael Hayes, Chris Brownling, Arlington Albertson, Tyler Fisher, Stosh Sparkman, ANthony Bret, Adam Bennett, Matther Bennett, Michael Hensel, Cody Calhoun, John Tiller, Joey Wlliams, Cecilia Moreno, Jason Waters, Matt Rattray, Lisel JF, Jon Bower, and DEsi MC.

This entire community have taken it upon themselves to start a collection of lists for elderly residents who need assistance, they have taken food donations and opened the Inn as a makeshift emergency shelter to let residents warm up, charge up, and get some warm food.

As of 0800 on January 6th, a convoy of Dominion trucks have arrived to start repair work to get power back to this neighborhood. However, it is due to the initiative and selflessness of these neighbors that these trucks are able to get into areas that were previously covered by fallen trees.

*NOTE: If you are currently in Aquia Harbour join the Friends of Aquia Harbour Facebook page for the most updates news on what is going on around the community.

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