United Shield International has your back… and front… and flank
September 12, 2022

United Shield International continues to crush in the body armor market. These guys offer some of the best ballistic and fragmentation protection and equipment around and have been doing so for a long time – over eighty years collectively, in fact.

USI’s management team’s cumulative eight-plus decades of subject matter expertise in design and manufacturing ensure that their ballistic wear, shields, helmets, body armor (hard and soft), and blast protection meet the exacting standards that operators in the industry expect and deserve.

united shield international

“Our products are constructed from market leading ballistic materials, including the latest para-aramids (Twaron and Kevlar), high molecular weight polyethylene (Dyneema and Spectrashield), Goldflex, ceramic and other specialist ballistic composites. They meet many of the most widely accepted international ballistic standards and protocols, including the US – NIJ and MIL STD, UK – HOSDB, German – SK, Swedish – RPS, French – MOI, and NATO – STANAG.”

Aside from supplying their hardware across over 80 nations, United Shield International is also trusted to provide ballistic and fragmentation protection “to all major government departments, as well as the Police, Emergency, Prison and Security services” all over the United States.

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